Acknowledgement to our students

We want to thank the following students for the great contributions to this project: Karsten Meyer zu Selhausen, Nico Beckenkamp, Simon Rohlmann, Christian Pressler, and David Dankelmann.

Without your support our research would not be possible. We learned a lot from all of you and enjoyed the joined work.

We want also to thank David Herring for proof-reading our papers and improving our writing skills. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Best regards

Jörg Schwenk, Jens Müller, Simon Rohlmann, Christian Mainka, Vladislav Mladenov, and Martin Grothe

Name Topic Thesis
Karsten Meyer zu Selhausen Security of PDF Signatures thesis (EN)
Simon Rohlmann Sicherheitsanalyse und Evaluierung von signierten PDF Dokumenten thesis (DE)
Christian Pressler Evaluierung der Sicherheit von JavaScript in PDFs an dem Beispiel von Adobe Acrobat Reader DC thesis (DE)
Nico Beckenkamp Fiddling with PKCS#7 Signatures on the Example of PDF coming soon ...
David Dankelmann Systematic Security Analysis of Signed PDF Documents coming soon ...